Turnkey virtual testing, customized assistance for the highest ROI

Every customer has specific needs and challenges, and to meet these, LifeModeler offers a variety of training and consulting services options. Our knowledgeable engineers, analysts, and biomechanics specialists have both research and practical industry experience, and can apply LifeMOD™ and other complementary CAE technologies to the solution of real-world biomechanics problems.

LifeMOD Virtual Testing: A Turnkey Solution

In today’s ever-competitive and global business environment, ‘faster to market’ has a new, more critical meaning, particularly for companies in the orthopaedic industry. Many companies are turning to external resources for assistance in product design and development, and LifeModeler is answering the call. We’ve developed state-of-the-art simulation solutions for applications in orthopaedics, injury and rehabilitation, aerospace, sports activities, and many more areas in which understanding human motion is critical.Our virtual testing service puts our engineering staff to work on your design, accelerating some of the lengthy and expensive research and testing that new devices require. It’s simple – just contact us, provide the design, and we’ll do the testing for you. Depending on your needs, we can provide results next day or within a week.

Over the years, LifeModeler has developed evaluation systems for a wide range of applications, creating a knowledge base second to none. From total knee and hip replacements, orthotic recommendations, and gait studies to golfers, motorcycle riders, and astronauts, LifeModeler can provide fast, functional answers about your human-engaged design.

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Training & Workshops

LifeModeler takes pride in LifeMOD’s ease of use. Its context-sensitive help resources and automated tutorial system enables users to get started with the software quickly and easily. When, or if, more than the self-guided learning curve is needed, LifeModeler offers a variety of training and workshop services. These can be customized to address the unique issues facing your organization.

Custom Services

LifeModeler is well-versed in helping customers introduce and implement LifeMOD software into their existing product development process efficiently and effectively. We can provide accelerated development assistance with LifeMOD products, as well as modeling and simulation support. Our goal is to help you capture the highest ROI possible from your LifeMOD investment.