New insight into the lower back

LumbarSIM automatically creates a detailed lumbar spine model and separates it into individual vertebral segments (L1-L5) and disc forces. A plug-in module to LifeMOD™, LumbarSIM provides new insights for orthopaedic surgeons and researchers involved in spinal surgery, spinal cord stimulation implants, and artificial disc replacement. Automotive ride comfort and injury analyses can also benefit from LumbarSIM.

Because there is little normal motion in the thoracic spine, the lumbar region is the area where most problems occur. LifeMOD/LumbarSIM applications abound in orthopaedics, where surgical options, such as spinal fusion, discectomy, and laminectomy, are complex and risky. Newer techniques under development, such as spinal cord stimulation implants and artificial disc replacement, can be more efficiently and effectively studied using LumbarSIM. Other applications, including aeronautical and automotive ride comfort and injury analysis, can benefit from the detailed lumbar information LumbarSIM provides.

Accurate, extensible, and built on industrial-grade simulation technology, LumbarSIM is readily integrated into existing computer-aided engineering (CAE) workflows. LumbarSIM imports and exports complex product geometry from most computer-aided design (CAD) systems, including CATIA, Pro/E, SolidWorks, Unigraphics, and others. It also easily imports engineering-formatted data from MRI and CT scans.

LifeMOD’s powerful post-processing capabilities make it simple to create clear, concise reports and attention-grabbing presentations, complete with animations, plots, and charts that allow stakeholders to truly grasp the ‘what, why, how and when’ of an implant’s performance. Orthopaedic-specific plots based on published spinal data are built in, automating plot development and saving time.

Context-sensitive help and an automated tutorial system make learning to use LumbarSIM a self-guided process. Of course, training and customization services are available, and the LifeModeler team is always ready to assist.

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