The state-of-the-art in virtual human modeling

LifeMOD™ is a complete, state-of-the-art virtual human modeling and simulation software solution. Its advanced capabilities and intuitive graphical interface, developed and refined over two decades, enable engineers, designers, and others interested in biomechanics to create human models of any order of fidelity, report true engineering data, and enable rapid and repetitive testing of designs, all while slashing time, cost, and risk from new product development.

The leading human modeling solution across a wide variety of industries, LifeMOD is used by more than 600 corporate clients and hundreds of universities and research institutions worldwide. Many of our orthopaedic customers are realizing productivity increases up to 20% and decreases in development costs by up to 40% while enhancing innovation and reducing risk. The value LifeMOD can bring to any organization’s product development process is discussed in detail here.

Accurate, extensible, and built on the de facto standard for mechanical system simulation, MD ADAMS (MSC.Software), LifeMOD is readily integrated into corporate computer-aided engineering (CAE) workflows or university environments. LifeMOD can import complex product geometry from most popular computer-aided design (CAD) systems, including CATIA, Pro/E, SolidWorks, Unigraphics, and others. It also easily imports engineering-formatted data from MRI and CT scans.

LifeMOD automatically produces standard plots of force, displacement, velocities, accelerations, torques, and angles. These powerful post-processing capabilities make creating clear, concise reports and attention-grabbing presentations complete with animations, plots, and charts, a simple task. Corporate management or other stakeholders can now truly grasp the ‘what, why, how and when’ of a given product’s human interaction and subsequent evaluation.

  • Easy to use, self-guiding interface and context-sensitive help
  • Anthropomorphic databases for automatic model creation
  • Inverse and forward dynamics
  • Life-like motion with 3D motion-capture import
  • Simple to complex muscle modeling
  • Automatic joint creation
  • Powerful post-processing and reporting

Building a Model with LifeMODWith its self-guided user interface, building a virtual human model with LifeMOD is a simple process. Choose a few descriptive variables of the subject, such as age, height, weight, or gender, and LifeMOD’s anthropomorphic database automatically creates the proper bones, muscles, and joints. Move the model into the desired position, such as sitting or running, and then create the environment with which the human model will interact.

Using a 3D motion-capture camera system, data can be imported into LifeMOD to create lifelike motion. Simply import a standard motion-capture marker set such as ‘plug-in gait,’ and perform inverse and forward dynamic simulations. If 3D motion data is not available, LifeMOD’s general motion agent enables the design of motion so the model can be moved quickly and easily.

Context-sensitive help and an automated tutorial system make learning to use LifeMOD a self-guided process. Of course, training and customization services are available, and the LifeModeler team is always ready to assist. Our clients are more than customers – they are partners in our quest to advance the field of biomechanics simulation. We are committed to continuous improvement and mutual success.

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