Visualizing how products and humans interact holds the key to advances in a myriad of applications and industries. Whether the goal is an improved joint replacement, a more successful rehabilitation program, or a safer, more comfortable vehicle restraint system, virtual human models offer researchers and students unparalleled insight into the complexities of the human anatomy. LifeMOD is opening up new investigative horizons.

With LifeModeler’s biomechanical simulation software, LifeMOD, researchers at universities and institutions, along with their students, now have a faster, less costly, and more complete method for studying, analyzing, and predicting the human body’s response and interaction with mechanical products.

LifeMOD enables investigators to test and evaluate product performance and characteristics while interacting with a validated ‘virtual’ model of a human body. Thousands of design iterations can be assessed without expensive physical prototypes or crash-test dummies, resulting in objective, quantifiable data that informs and enhances research progress. LifeMOD dramatically reduces dependence on the time-intensive ‘build-and-break’ test process, enabling researchers to explore their most innovative concepts without the usual barriers of time, cost, and regulatory restrictions on human testing. Incorporating LifeMOD into any research and development project shaves months off the process, opening the door to expanded, highly detailed investigations or, in the case of competitive manufactured products, significantly faster time-to-market.

The inclusion of LifeMOD into university programs training the next generation of engineers, designers, surgeons, clinicians, and lab technicians provides a strong foundation for increased understanding of the human body. Along with the benefit of new insights that enrich the general knowledge base in biomechanics, LifeMOD enables the development and design of improved and innovative products that enhance the lives of real people.

LifeModeler is committed to furthering research and education with LifeMOD, and provides a number of software grants to universities and institutions worldwide each year. These grants offer mutual benefits – researchers and students gain familiarity and skill with our powerful, sophisticated software, and we gain real-world feedback to use in future product development and functionality.

Every LifeModeler product is designed with the user in mind, so you don’t need to be a physics or computer expert to use it. LifeMOD’s intuitive, user-friendly interface can create a human model in less than a minute and then be easily modified and customized.

Training, customization, tutorials, documentation, and user communities provide helpful support, and our experts are always just a phone call away.

Learn more by browsing our Product pages, or check out a case study for an example of how LifeMOD is bringing human simulation in research and education to life.