Smith & Nephew, Inc. Launches a Major Investment in BRG Software and Services

BRG.LifeMOD human simulation has proven to significantly shorten the total knee replacement design cycle!

SAN CLEMENTE, CA – July, 2005 — Biomechanics Research Group Inc. (BRG), the leading global provider of biomechanics simulation tools and services today announced that Smith & Nephew, Inc. has made a substantial commitment in software and services from BRG. With over 500 installations, in 27 countries, BRG.LifeMOD™ has quickly become the de facto standard teaching and research tool in many universities throughout the world as well as an essential design tool integrated in CAD environments in many leading commercial institutions.

Since 2002, BRG has been working closely with Smith & Nephew in the development of new total knee replacement (TKR) and total hip replacement systems. This announcement represents a formal partnership in the development of new knee simulation technologies. “Utilization of the LifeMOD software has allowed us to better characterize and optimize our knee designs, and gain a greater understanding of the physics behind how the human knee works. We chose to partner with BRG because of their experience, technology, and expertise in the area of applying virtual product development engineering to human activity”, says Brian McKinnon of Smith & Nephew.

The traditional method of TKR design for many manufacturers is to evolve a variation from an existing design with a consensus from staff surgeons and engineers. Physical prototypes are fabricated and surgically implanted in a leg of a cadaver where forces are applied to the leg to acquire some notion of device stability. Various testing rigs are used to test for laxity, contact areas and wear patterns. Finally the design is then implanted in “test” patients for clinical trials. The design can be changed at any stage in this process resulting in the re-fabrication of costly prototypes and the repeating of the whole testing process.

Smith and Nephew, Inc. is revolutionizing the traditional design process by employing virtual prototyping and human simulation to solidify the design before costly physical prototypes are fabricated. Using this technology, TKR designers have a complete database on performance criteria thereby reducing the number of physical prototypes and costly test cycles. This approach results in accelerating innovation and greatly reducing time to market.

The benefits realized by the manufacturer of virtual prototyping and human simulation in the design of the next generation implant include:

1. Determining performance measures; i.e., 3-D kinematics, implant loads, tissue loads, interface loading, implant stresses and wear patterns,
2. Serving as a consistent test platform where conditions of the experiment do not change between trials,
3. Solidifying design while in the CAD stage of development and reduce the number of physical prototypes,
4. Determining performance measures of established competitor’s designs,
5. Serving as an effective communication tool between staff surgeons, design engineers, test laboratories, and marketing personnel.

For more information on products and services from the Biomechanics Research Group Inc., please visit, e-mail us at, or call (949) 378-3232.

About Smith & Nephew, Inc.
Smith & Nephew develops and markets advanced medical devices that help healthcare professionals treat patients more effectively – and patients get back to their lives faster. Smith & Nephew was founded in 1856. They are a leader in several specialist markets, operate in 32 countries, employ over 8,000 people and generate annual sales of £1.25 billion.

About Biomechanics Research Group, Inc. (BRG)
The Biomechanics Research Group, Inc. (BRG) is a world-class provider of complete solutions to university and commercial institutions interested in the physics behind biological motion. The BRG develops biomechanics software solutions built on the popular MSC.ADAMS platform as the physics engine. Their flagship product, BRG.LifeMOD⃰, is a modularized and highly customizable program for general biomechanics modeling and specialized applications including orthopedics, gait, injury, sports equipment/performance, ergonomics, rehabilitation, etc. To support this activity, BRG offers comprehensive consulting services and training. BRG also offers a wide range of motion capture and diagnostic hardware, which complements BRG.LifeMOD. To learn more about the Biomechanics Research Group, Inc., visit or call (949) 366-6829.

Shawn P. McGuan
Biomechanics Research Group, Inc.

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