NASA, Johnson Space Center Invests in BRG Software and Services

NASA will utilize BRG.LifeMOD human simulation to understand the new recovery techniques for prolonged spaceflight

SAN CLEMENTE, CA – April, 2005 — Biomechanics Research Group Inc. (BRG), the leading global provider of biomechanics simulation tools and services today announced the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Johnson Space Center (NASA-JSC) has made a substantial commitment in software and services from BRG. BRG.LifeMOD™ is the world’s leading human simulation product used in orthopedic, medical, sports and consumer product related industries.

From the early Gemini, Apollo and Skylab projects to today’s International Space Station and Space Shuttle Programs, NASA-JSC continues to lead NASA efforts in human space exploration.

“We have always understood the parallels between astronaut countermeasures and spinal cord rehabilitation in our past work with other institutions,” said Shawn McGuan, chairman and CEO of BRG. “Now this work can be directed into extending astronaut capacity during prolonged spaceflight.”

Among the many new capabilities found in BRG.LifeMOD™ for this particular application is enhanced functionality for human-environment contact, muscle driven motion, LifeMOD interface to Matlab (Mathworks, Inc.) for central nervous system control and completely scalable human models. Since its introduction, BRG.LifeMOD quickly became the de facto standard teaching and research tool in many universities throughout the world as well as an essential design tool integrated in CAD environments in many leading commercial institutions.

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About Biomechanics Research Group, Inc. (BRG) 
The Biomechanics Research Group, Inc. (BRG) is a world-class provider of complete solutions to university and commercial institutions interested in the physics behind biological motion. The BRG develops biomechanics software solutions built on the popular MSC.ADAMS platform as the physics engine. Their flagship product, BRG.LifeMOD, is modularized and highly customizable program for general biomechanics modeling and specialized applications including, orthopedics, gait, injury, sports equipment/performance, ergonomics, rehabilitation, etc. To support this activity, BRG offers comprehensive consulting services and training. BRG also offers a wide range of motion capture and diagnostic hardware, which complements BRG.LifeMOD. To learn more about the Biomechanics Research Group, Inc., visit or call (949) 366-6829.

Shawn P. McGuan
Biomechanics Research Group, Inc.

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