LifeModeler, Inc. Undergoing Major Growth as Company Broadens Market Impact and Expands Staffing in 2008

Significant revenue increases and customer base enhancements lay groundwork for exciting opportunities ahead.

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. (Feb., 2008)—LifeModeler, Inc. moves into 2008 with an invigorated approach that firmly signals its leadership position as the preeminent provider of complete solutions to university, research, and commercial institutions interested in the physics behind biological motion.

LifeMOD™, the company’s modularized and highly customizable human simulation software program for general biomechanics modeling and specialized applications, has increased its market penetration over the past year. The software continues to serve as the platform for corporate expansion, and will, according to company CEO/Founder, Shawn McGuan, create exciting new opportunities in 2008.

“We are currently in the development stages of new applications that will fit easily within our product family and serve to further establish the brand as both the industry’s most advanced, and most technologically aggressive,” said McGuan.

“Our success is due not only to the creativity and expertise of our growing staff, but is also reflective of the support LifeModeler has received from its community of users and partners, and for that we are always grateful,” he concluded.

The company underwent a name change at the end of last year, setting aside the prior Biomechanics Research Group, Inc. in favor of a branding effort that would more closely reflect the company’s primary product category. At the same time McGuan and his team added outreach capabilities with the retention of a corporate public relations firm and bolstered internal capabilities through a major addition to staff.

The staffing increase includes executives with collective industry experience exceeding 200 years. And McGuan said he isn’t finished expanding his team.

“As all of the new activities we plan to be involved with materialize further, our recently enlarged group will quickly find that added personnel will be needed, and from my perspective that’s one of the more exciting components of our growth. New people bring more new ideas, and collectively we’re able to offer more and better services,” said McGuan.

Revenue increases totaling nearly 100% over the past year have fueled the expansion and the company’s executive team sees more of the same on the horizon. Growth has come from all aspects of LifeModeler’s business, with educational and research applications matching in volume growth—if not revenue—the success enjoyed by LifeMOD commercial usage.

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