LifeModeler, Inc. Successful with Multi-Million Dollar Private Offering

Initial round of outside financing concluded successfully.

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. –LifeModeler, Inc.(LMI), the leading global provider of biomechanical human body simulation tools and services, has successfully concluded an initial round of outside financing, according to Shawn McGuan, CEO. McGuan said the multi-million dollar privateoffering was over subscribed within weeks.

The company, established in 2002, provides groundbreaking software that allows product designers to perform “virtual prototyping”–essentially evaluating new product concepts in a validated, computer model of a human body–prior to undertaking expensive physical prototype development. The company’s LifeMOD(R) human simulation tool is used extensively in the orthopedic joint replacement community, and in automotive, aerospace, and sporting goods applications.

“Our ability to quickly raise capital has been very gratifying, and it underscores our belief that the future for this type of product development is the most efficient for many business categories,” said McGuan.

Among the investors attracted to the LifeModeler, Inc. opportunity was San Diego-based Huntington Capital, which operates a debt and equity fund providing growth capital to the lower middle market in California and the Southwestern United States.

According to Tim Bubnack, Huntington Capital partner, “Human simulation software is changing the way orthopedic manufacturers are moving products through the development, manufacture, and regulatory approval process. LifeModeler is uniquely positioned to serve this growing market, which is in need of new engineering tools, and in an area where they have a proven solution. Shawn McGuan has assembled an excellent team with an aggregate of over 200 years of combined experience in computer-aided engineering and software development,” concluded Bubnack.

McGuan indicated that the most active component of the company’s business mix has been the orthopedic joint replacement category. LifeModeler, Inc. works with five of the six largest manufacturers of human joint replacements, and was instrumental in the development of the award-winning Journey(R) knee system marketed by Smith & Nephew Orthopedics.

“We have been adding highly experienced engineers to our staff since the beginning of the year, and the requests for additional services from existing clients and prospective organizations have increased even more greatly,” said McGuan. He said the funding will support both staff growth and the expansion of the company’s product line.

According to McGuan, the logical expansion for the existing LifeMOD human body simulation components, which include its flagship product, LifeMOD, as well as its niche products KneeSIM(TM), LumbarSIM(TM), and NeckSIM(TM), will involve the engineering staff in work pertaining to other body parts as well as broadening involvement in other industries.

While the core business opportunities for LifeModeler, Inc. have been concentrated in the orthopedics community, the company also sells products to NASA, helping to measure potential stresses applied to astronaut actions in outer space, and has worked with major sporting goods companies and various automotive and motorcycle brands.

“We’re poised to generate new applications for existing LifeMOD capabilities and we view the potential for integrating our unique methodologies into other areas as almost endless,” concluded McGuan.

LifeModeler, Inc. can be contacted at 949-366-6829, and additional information on the company and its products can be found at

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