What We Do: The LifeModeler Mission

LifeModeler, Inc. helps people help people. It’s really as simple as that. We help people – engineers, designers, and researchers – use computer software – LifeMOD™ biomechanical simulation software – to design better products for better living.

LifeMOD’s complete, state-of-the-art virtual human modeling and simulation solutions are revolutionizing the product development process across a wide range of industries and disciplines. From consumer products such as sports shoes and golf clubs, or the various devices used in physical rehabilitation, to critical, life-altering products such as artificial knees, LifeMOD is helping solve the most challenging problems in developing ‘human-engaged’ products.

The physics underlying human motion are uniquely complex and endlessly fascinating. We’ve been studying biomechanical motion intensively for more than 20 years, and are still enthralled watching a LifeMOD human model run, swing, bend, jump – clearly seeing the myriad interactions between bones, muscles, and tissues, second by second. Watch this animation; we think you’ll be fascinated too.


Please browse our website to learn more about the LifeMOD product line, the Industries we serve, and the diverse, often ground-breaking products and applications that have resulted from the use of LifeMOD. Walk through the product development process on our value proposition page to discover the dramatic benefits – financial and otherwise – of incorporating LifeMOD into your company’s or institution’s engineering environment.

LifeModeler – Bringing simulation to life!