Smith & Nephew’s LifeModeler Software Development Group

Sr. Software Engineer (3 positions)


We are looking for an experienced software engineer and potential technical lead with excellent problem solving skills, an ability to learn quickly and a passion for medical software engineering who can write software code, improve processes and contribute to every aspect of the development of cutting edge software tools used by lay people, engineers and surgeons. You should have good software architectural skills as we will be developing code at the kernel levels of the database, datastore, gui and graphics libraries on up through the various glue code to the top-level application code. You should be fluent in modern programming languages such as Python and C++, as well as Fortran, Matlab, and many public and proprietary scripting languages You should be also be familiar with iterative development methodologies such as RAD or Agile, at a minimum you must have at least superficial familiarity with Waterfall.

This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a new growth platform (Visionaire). You will be working with the  highly energized LifeModeler Software team (  There are three positions: two located in San Clemente, California, and one in Memphis.

 Required Education:

  • Bachelor’s Degree required, Master’s preferred, Computer Science or related field, or an equivalent combination of training and experience.

 Required Experience

  • 8+ years’ experience relevant to computer systems analysis and documentation experience of systems development in a team environment
  • Expert facility with Python, csh, C++; knowledge of other programming languages is a plus.
  • Experience in GUI frameworks, data modeling and workflow generation.
  • Experience with task and process automation
  • Excellent code reading skills
  • Strong familiarity with revision control (SVN, Hg, Git, ClearCase)
  • Familiarity with build tools (SCons, make, CMake)
  • Familiarity with evolutionary, incremental and iterative software development methodologies
  • Experience with automated build strategies
  • Experience with automated testing strategies
  • Documentation generation (Doxygen, Epydoc)
  • Frequent use of issue/defect tracking systems (Bugzilla)

Additional Desired Skills:

  • Biomechanical simulation
  • Multi-body dynamics
  • DOE
  • Numerical optimization
  • Image processing
  • Shape or pattern matching algorithms
  • Formal data or system modeling languages (EXPRESS, UXF/UML)
  • FDA 510(k) as pertaining to software categorized as a medical devices
  • Experience with compliance and standards, e.g., IEC60601-1, IEC 62304, IEC 62366.
  • Iterators in CLU and how the concepts were absorbed into modern languages
  • OSI networking model or one of its predecessors (SNA, BNA, DNA)
  • Process control (fork, spawn)
  • Implementation of aspect-oriented constructs in object-oriented languages
  • Interprocess communications (TCP/IP, sockets, pipes and the differences)
  • Windows-based installer systems (NSIS, InnoSetup, MSI); non-Windows a plus
  • Language introspection and interface auto-generation (think Eclipse)
  • Numerical Methods That Work
  • Lisp versus Forth versus Python

 Job Location (3 positions)

  1. San Clemente, CA, US.
  2. San Clemente, CA, US.
  3. Memphis, TN

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