BRG Launches Flagship Human Simulation Tool: LifeMOD Human Modeler

LifeMOD is the next generation in human simulation.

San Clemente, California, September 20, 2002 — Biomechanics Research Group Inc. (BRG). The Biomechanics Research Group Inc. announces today that it will introduce its flagship product: LifeMOD™ Human Modeler.

According to Shawn McGuan, president and CEO, LifeMOD represents the next generation in human simulation. “LifeMOD was built from 15 years worth of techniques, algorithms and databases we developed while performing human simulations for a wide variety of commercial and university clients,” McGuan explains, “As such, LifeMOD is a general human modeling tool capable of developing models appropriate for a wide range of applications such as orthopedics, injury, sports, clinical, medical, comfort, etc.” He continues: “It is also perfect for biomechanics students interested in a wide exposure to the field.”

LifeMOD uses the popular ADAMS (, Inc.) program as the physics engine behind the models. LifeMOD provides an easy panel-driven user interface, many databases and tools to refine the task of creating passive, and forward-dynamics biological models which interact with the environment, tools, equipment and each other. This technology allows the investigator to thoroughly understand the forces and the nature of the control strategies behind biological activities.

For detailed information, technical manuals, publications and a free trial visit Special introductory and university pricing is available.

About Biomechanics Research Group, Inc. The Biomechanics Research Group, Inc. (BRG) is a world-class provider of complete solutions to university and commercial institutions interested in the physics behind biological motion. The BRG develops biomechanics software solutions built on the popular ADAMS (, Inc.) platform as the physics engine. Their flagship product, LifeMOD™, is a modularized and highly customizable program for general biomechanics modeling and specialized applications including, orthopedics, gait, injury, sports equipment/performance, ergonomics, rehabilitation, etc. To support this activity, BRG offers comprehensive consulting services and training. BRG also offers a wide range of motion capture and diagnostic hardware which complements LifeMOD. To learn more about the Biomechanics Research Group, Inc., visit or call (949) 366-6829.

Shawn McGuan
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