Biomechanics Research Group, Inc. Forms Partnership with Friendly Sensors AG

Maker of the sonoSens measuring device to cooperate in R&D.San Clemente, California, June 11, 2002 — Biomechanics Research Group Inc. announces today that it has formed a partnership with Friendly Sensors AG to introduce the sonoSens® device into the US market as well as a cooperation in research and development activities.

Friendly Sensors AG, formed in May, 2000, has developed a technology which measures relative distances on the human body using ultrasound technology. The process is versatile in its applications and enables the measurement of such parameters as breathing, movement, posture and energy consumption: all with a single technology. The measuring principle was developed in 1997 and has since been scientifically tested in numerous applications, i.e., in space research and industrial medicine.

Company leaders McGuan and Friedrichs have collaborated in the past on several research opportunities involving their respective products, LifeMOD™ and sonoSens, and regard this partnership as completely synergistic. McGuan, president and CEO of the Biomechanics Research Group, Inc., explains “We can use the sonoSens device to understand what the body is doing on the outside in the environment under various conditions, and LifeMOD to understand what the body is doing on the inside to produce these motions and postures.” McGuan plans to offer sonsSens alone, sonoSens coupled with his popular LifeMOD software, and consulting/training to support these activities.

About Biomechanics Research Group, Inc.
The Biomechanics Research Group, Inc. (BRG) is a world-class provider of complete solutions to university and commercial institutions interested in the physics behind biological motion. The BRG develops biomechanics software solutions built on the popular ADAMS (, Inc.) platform as the physics engine. Their flagship product, LifeMOD™, is a modularized and highly customizable program for general biomechanics modeling and specialized applications including, orthopedics, gait, injury, sports equipment/performance, ergonomics, rehabilitation, etc. To support this activity, BRG offers comprehensive consulting services and training. BRG also offers a wide range of motion capture and diagnostic hardware which complements LifeMOD. To learn more about the Biomechanics Research Group, Inc., visit or call (949) 366-6829.

Shawn McGuan
(949) 366-6829

Arnd Friedrichs
Chairman and CEO

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